About Us


I'm Mike Presley, Owner of Alaska Greenhouses and it's parent company, Budget Feed & Farm.

Since I purchased Budget Feed in August '04 I have tried to provide Palmer and The Valley with a well-rounded selection of both Lawn & Garden and Animal Feed products.  From the first spring I have offered Palmer grown vegetable starts and have wanted to employ a greenhouse or high tunnel to help expand my selection.  However, each year as I began to order a kit from Outside, I choked on the shipping costs; nearly what I was paying for just the kit!  I began forming the idea of building my own unit and from those thoughts sprang the idea "why not build a kit in Alaska for Alaskans"?


In the Fall of 2008,  I began talking with the owner of a local fabrication company about teaming up and producing this kit.  Winter of 2009/ 10 I made the decision to go ahead.  The Fence Emporium is now our exclusive teammate in fabricating the ribs for our gable-ended High Tunnel/ Greenhouse kits and the bolt-on or stake bases. And new for 2011 The Fence Emporium is also fabricating our ribs for the 12' and 20' Hoop House/ High Tunnel.  We are still bending the 6' Low Tunnel ribs.   Other parts we are consolidating from across the country; made in the U.S.A. whenever possible.


Our prices are higher for the same size kit in a Outside catalog, BUT make sure you are comparing "Their" 4' spacing to our 4' spacing ("they" often cite 6' spacing; have to call them for 4' price)  AND there are no additional shipping charges if purchased FOB our store in Palmer often providing a savings.  An additional benefit of our kits is that, fabricating locally,  we do not have to cut the ribs into as many pieces for shipping.  Doing so weakens the structure.  Our ribs are two to three piece, depending on width, while the Outside units are four to six pieces.  All of the kits can be purchased as basic seasonal High Tunnels and and the Gable and Gothic kits can be upgraded at purchase or at a later date with additional bracing to provide a year-round greenhouse structure.  The length of each structure can be determined by the buyer; from 12' to any multiple of our standard rib spacing of 4'.  


I hope you will find our offerings fit your needs.  Because we are a still new at this, all of the features you see in catalogs may not be available.  As the market proves supportive enough, we hope to  expand the available options.  If you have suggestions we would be glad to hear them.  We will mount a continuing effort for practical improvement of our products.


Thank you for your interest and we hope for your support of us in this venture.




Mike Presley